Indiana University Health Plans

Taking the Lead in Lead Generation

Optimize Direct Response to Drive Preference for Medicare Advantage and Leads in a 9-Week Enrollment Window.


  • Performance Marketing

  • Campaign Concepting & Ideas

  • Omnichannel Campaign Execution

  • Short-form Content & Long-form Content

  • Data & Analytics

  • Performance Tracking, Insights & Optimization

  • Media Planning & Buying


With national competitors having large budgets and growing in MA marketshare in Indiana – needed to communicate in a more efficient/effective highly targeted manner, and develop/deliver on an IU Health Plans point of differentiation that would resonate with the 64+ audience – positioning IU Health Plans as the best choice for Medicare Advantage in key Indiana geographies.


MERGE developed a comprehensive and integrated direct response strategy – using a multi-channel approach with a test & learn mindset – fully tracked and constantly fine-tuning to reach maximum results. Communications were conceptualized and executed using experienced direct marketing creative resources. With 1st and 3rd party data providing the foundation for segmentation/targeting MERGE, along with data and business intelligence partner Proteus B. I., developed/validated a predictive response model and reverse-engineered a member segmentation study, building off an earlier IU Health segmentation exercise, to better inform the messaging strategy as well as to better understand member LTV and risk.



of lead goal

In 27 years of marketing, this is the campaign... I am most proud of. To say we delivered a record number of leads is one thing; to say we were 193% to goal is another; But what is flat out amazing is that we achieved this after blowing up a historically high performing campaign in order to truly differentiate a product that had no benefit difference from larger competitors: who offered our providers in their network and out spent us 3:1.

Bill Martin, Executive Director-System Marketing, Indiana University Health Plans

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