We're committed to creating growth opportunities for a diversity of people, leveraging our product to positively influence culture and measuring true diversity using our proprietary MERGE Diversity Index.

MERGE's creative team in the city

How We're Progressive About DE&I

number one

We create opportunities for a diversity of people.

We are proactive in seeking out and creating growth opportunities that advance careers and foster personal and professional growth for a diversity of people, including compensation.

number two

We leverage our work as a means to influence culture.

We don't make widgets. We deliver solutions that touch millions and shape culture. We never lose sight of how our work can positively influence society's perception of diversity.

number three

We're innovating the way Diversity is measured.

In order to measure diversity, we must define what diversity is. Being a data technology company, our PhD's have created a proprietary Diversity Index. Ask us how it works.


Diversity index


Racial and ethnic groups


Born or lived outside the U.S. for 1+ years




Of MERGE staff are Caregivers 


Languages, other than English, spoken at home 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, MERGE established a task force to define the milestones, develop the resources and actively work to become diverse, inclusive and equal in everything we do. Our goal is to make DE+I embedded in our MERGE DNA — and our ERGs is just one way to accomplish this.