We merge storytelling + technology to promote health, wealth, and happiness in the world.

A combination that makes a deep impact and drives sustainable growth. Stories bring us closer and technology is a story in itself. At MERGE our Poets and PhDs tell those stories that create emotion and then let our experience in technology set them in motion. We engage hearts and connect parts. That's how you grow. That's how you get results.

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Health, Wealth, and Happiness

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Save Lives

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We're honored to be trusted partners with many clients for over a decade and contributing to their success.

Wow Work

We all know great work when we see it. We feel it so much that we say WOW! Other work is so effective that it hits the business hard POW!

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Poets + PhDs

Our talent-to-task model gives clients fluid access to 700+ talents ranging from poets to PhDs with fresh insight and diverse perspectives. We’re remote-friendly but still believe that proximity to clients matters. We have offices in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver, Los Angeles and Montreal.

Ability, Agility, Humility

Culture is more than just words on a page. We strive to be masters of our craft. We act with speed and flexibility to deliver in the digital world. And we work with humility for a more enjoyable and collaborative experience for employees and clients alike.

85% Diversity Index

We’re committed to creating growth opportunities for a diversity of people, leveraging our product to positively influence culture and measuring true diversity using our proprietary MERGE Diversity Index.