Engineered with empathy

We are committed to creating meaningful, data-driven, customer-focused experiences, by connecting the digital ecosystem to achieve your business, brand, and marketing goals.

Engineered with empathy

Health System Experience

Patient acquisition strategies drive growth for health systems, providing a streamlined and engaging digital experience, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. MERGE has developed a "digital front door" for 75+ Health Systems, unifying multiple brands, websites, and mobile platforms. We integrate diverse underlying tech platforms, adding vital functionalities like Find a Doctor, Booking Engines, Lab Results, and lifestyle publishing. Our expertise extends to EMR integrations (Epic, Cerner), ensuring seamless patient data sharing. 

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Recruiting Experience

Through our exceptional digital experience optimization, MERGE has revolutionized the recruiting process for firms. By transforming HR's career website from mere transactions to a source of career inspiration, we have elevated the candidate experience to new heights. Our innovative approach has resulted in the creation of 30,000 job openings across 20 different languages, expanding the reach and diversity of potential candidates globally.

Digital Product Experience

MERGE excels in delivering outstanding digital product experiences, evident through our successful partnerships and results. We collaborated with Fidelity's Product team to develop and integrate a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, streamlining and enhancing their HR processes. Additionally, we crafted the monit mobile app, empowering small and medium-sized businesses with financial visibility and predictive cashflow management capabilities. These accomplishments showcase our expertise in creating innovative and user-friendly digital products that drive efficiency and success for our clients.

In-Store Experience

MERGE specializes in crafting exceptional in-store experiences for retailers, demonstrated through our successful work with LG's store-in-store setup at Best Buy. We seamlessly integrated over 125 LG products into the display, creating an engaging and immersive environment for customers. Additionally, we developed and deployed more than 1000 marketing communication messages, effectively showcasing LG's products and enticing shoppers. Through our expertise in creating impactful in-store experiences, we help retailers elevate their brand presence, increase customer engagement, and drive sales to new heights.

Sales Tools Experience

MERGE significantly improves the experience for field sales teams, as demonstrated in our collaboration with B. Braun. By transitioning the sales team from paper product catalogs to mobile devices equipped with digital sales content, we have streamlined their sales process and empowered them with convenient access to comprehensive product information. This transformation has resulted in increased efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced customer interactions, enabling B. Braun's field sales team to achieve higher productivity and greater success in their sales efforts.

Configurator Experience

MERGE develops captivating configurator experiences for websites, exemplified by our work with James Hardie. We strategically shifted the digital experience to resonate with female decision makers, ensuring inclusivity and engagement. Our team designed a sophisticated color configurator, incorporating real-time inventory and zip code data to provide personalized results. This innovative approach drove several thousand sample requests while enhancing customer satisfaction and driving conversions. Through our expertise in creating interactive and user-centric configurators, we enable brands like James Hardie to deliver inspiring and tailored experiences that leave a lasting impact on their audience.

eCommerce Experience

MERGE excels in crafting high-performing eCommerce experiences, exemplified by our collaboration with BVI. For ophthalmic devices catering to surgical teams, we developed a sophisticated configurator capable of handling complex package sequencing with over 1,000 SKUs. This user-friendly tool enables surgical teams to select and customize products seamlessly. Additionally, we integrated dynamic pricing for sales representatives, connecting the eCommerce platform to a robust warehouse and order management system. Through our expertise, BVI can offer a streamlined and efficient shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales in the competitive medical device market.

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MERGE has been a crucial component to our growth. We were the most impressed with the dedication to documentation – MERGE provided a high level of detail in the technical design document. It’s been valuable that MERGE has such deep relationships with Adobe and Marketo, that if we need to pull in those partners and make sure that we’re connecting the dots, they can really help us do that.


One-to-one personalization in healthcare is new territory for every marketing professional. We needed a partner who could help define our enterprise-wide personalization strategy and effectively lead us through implementation, knowing the ins and outs of our technology stack - and be able to work with multiple stakeholders and other vendors. MERGE is that partner. The marketing nerd in me is really excited about our work together.

Val Lopez, AVP, Digital Marketing & Marketing Technology at Baptist Health

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