In order to merge storytelling and technology, we bring together Poets and PhDs. This diverse range of talent possess an extraordinary ability to channel their creative fervor or propel the frontiers of technology and science.

Meet some of our Poets + PhDs 

At MERGE, we affectionately refer to our team as Poets and PhDs to convey the full range of talent. While our Poets master their creative craft, our PhDs push the boundaries of technology and science. 


LEGO© Wizard

Matt, Digital Ad and Email Developer, expresses himself creatively with LEGO©blocks. If not building with bricks he can be found sharing his hobby with fellow employees and at public events. He studied classical drawing, painting, and sculpture and earned his degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.




Master of Hypnotherapy

One of our Marketo consultants, Jenna, also practices hypnotherapy to help people relax in order to solve problems. She adds, "By using the power of creative visualization, through self-hypnosis and working directly with individuals, we're able to access a level of awareness and perspective that gives our subconscious mind new directions, in order to bring about a desired change or to simply live a more vibrant and joyful life in the present."


Jenna B



Baking Connoisseur

When she’s not designing with pixels, Molly, an Associate Creative Director, designs with butter, sugar, and flour. Baking is one of her favorite ways to get out from behind the computer and create something beautiful and delicious with her hands. The finished products get photographed (another hobby of hers) before she shares them with friends and family.


Molly E 



Multilingual Marvel

Born and raised bilingually in Germany’s oldest city Trier, Jessica - one of our Program Directors, developed a passion for languages early on. She speaks 4 so far (German, French, Spanish and English). Growing up in a border region fed her cultural curiosity and led her to obtain a French baccalaureate. Fun fact, she actually started her advertising career as an account executive in Puerto Rico. To date, Jessica has lived/worked in 7 countries.


Jess B


Leadership Team

Executive Leaders

Mark Goble

Chief Operating Officer

Jean May

President West

Andrew Pelosi

President East

Tom Brand

President South

Pat McGloin

Chief Client Officer / Health Practice Leader

Nicole Turner

Chief Client Officer / Consumer Practice Leader
Libby Morgan

Libby Morgan

Chief Digital Business Officer
Stacey Hawes

Stacey Hawes

Chief Performance & Data Officer

Troy Mastin

Chief Financial Officer

Kerry Griffin

Chief Talent Officer

Practice Area Leaders

Allison Bensen Headshot

Allison Benson

Life Science
Molly Lane Headshot

Molly Lane


Jim Porter

Health Plans

Kellie Bliss

Health Providers

Nicole Turner

Chief Client Officer
Rick Schreuder

Rick Schreuder


Kate Whitenight

Financial Services

Service Offering Leaders

Jack Yeo


AJ Workman

Digital Marketing
Robin Glanz

Robin Glanz

Digital Marketing

Joo Lee


Youcef Bouyard

Experience Engineering & Platforms

Keir Bradshaw

Experience Engineering & Platforms
Eric Rotkow

Eric Rotkow

Experience Engineering & Platforms
Jake Wells

Jake Wells

Experience Engineering & Platforms