Culture is more than just words on a page.


As a high performance company, MERGE is a place where you can do the best work of your career, and learn from other exceptional performers. And together, create WOW work. 


It's important to move at the speed of the digital economy. We value people who can move fast, but stay flexible and responsive– people who love being on teams, helping others, and servicing clients.


We're at our best when we're highly collaborative with low egos because that leads to better quality work and a better experience for employees and clients alike. 

Employee Engagement Survey Results

MERGE over-indexes on engagement and has high engagement sentiment scores across our core values: Ability (75%), Agility (80%), and Humility (60%).

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

We believe in measuring every aspect of performance, including our own. For this reason, we ask for client feedback as part of a bi-annual quantitative survey.


Average NPS Score


Last 6 months: Level of service and responsiveness MERGE delivers on a daily basis has increased


Last 6 months: MERGE's ability to give my brand a strong and distinct competitive advantage has increased


We are growing a culture of flexibility and belonging.


My colleagues are all incredibly intelligent, but also incredibly encouraging. This allows the agency to harbor an environment committed to the growth of the team, as well as each individual person within it.

VP, Client Service Leader

Being valued for who I am, and having the flexibility to take care of my family, while doing great work [is important to me].


I love that MERGE really thinks about their employees and what we need in all aspects of our lives.

Associate Director, Media

We recognize our magic makers every month and

employees nominate individuals who live our credos

and tenets every day.


We send out monthly announcements along with

certificates to our Magic Makers, then we roll them up

into our quarterly reward program.


We take notice when someone goes above and

beyond their job responsibilities and makes an impact

to our people, clients and organization.