About Us

We tell stories that create emotion and let our experience in technology set them in motion. But it’s the people and our culture that make it all possible, because at MERGE, we’re all magic makers.


Join our team of magic makers where we make kindness a priority and collaboration a celebration. In a world full of efficiency and tight deadlines, we still make time to make each other laugh – and yeah, we do great work, but it's the small things.


Our culture is all about Ability, Agility, and Humility. We’re a high-performance organization where you can make WOW work and learn from other exceptional performers. We move at the speed of the digital economy and value people who are fast, flexible, and responsive while keeping a service-oriented mindset. Our collaborative atmosphere fosters better quality work and enriches experiences for our employees and clients.


We are committed to creating growth opportunities for a diversity of people. Annually, we measure true diversity with our proprietary MERGE Diversity index and use the results to positively influence culture.


In order to merge storytelling and technology, we bring together Poets and PhDs. This diverse range of talent possesses an extraordinary ability to channel their creative fervor, master their craft, and push the boundaries of technology.