About Us

Here, we don't color within the lines. We read between them. Because convention is the enemy of invention–and we’re here to redefine what’s possible. Here, is where ability, agility, and humility come together. And we're fueled by challenges, never limited by them. Here, the potential is limitless.

Our Type of People

Clients come to MERGE looking for a new way. For ideas and solutions that will make an impact. They’re strivers and we know them. We understand them. Because that’s who we are, too. Strivers with deep category expertise built over decades of experience. With outside perspective and services built for modern business challenges. And when we all come together, that's how you reach the next level.

We partner with clients to promote health, wealth and happiness in the world. What’s more important than that!

Patrick Venetucci, CEO

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Our Solution for Success


We help brands acquire as many customers in the market as possible.


For those not in the market, we strengthen the brand relationship by building trust.


We look across the customer journey to identify points of opportunity or friction and develop meaningful experiences and solutions.

The Team


Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Venetucci

President, West

Jean May

President, East

Andrew Pelosi

President, South

Tom Brand

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Goble

Chief Financial Officer

Troy Mastin

Chief Growth Officer

Pat McGloin

Chief Marketing Officer

Ethan Whitehill

Chief Talent Officer

Kerry Griffin

Chief Digital Officer

Saurab Bhargava

Chief Creative Officer

Kevin Houlihan

Chief Creative Officer

Roya Partovi

Chief Strategy Officer

Becky Minervino

EVP, Head of Design

Lauren Sheehan

EVP, Media Director

Bob Bernstein

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

Bob Minihan

EVP, Contact Planning

Stephanie Rogers

EVP, Managing Director

Jim Porter


Anthony Henriques


Steve Lynch

EVP, Technology

Evan Lavidor

EVP, Technology

Keir Bradshaw

EVP, Chief Client Officer

Kellie Bliss

EVP, Managing Director

Jon lanelli

SVP, Integrated Planning

Chris Weber

SVP, Group Account Director

Nick Rambke

SVP, Group Account Director

Nicole Turner

SVP, Group Account Director

Barry Vucsko

SVP, Account Director, Consumer

Toby Smalley

Kelcie Chambers headshot SVP, Client Services

Kelcie Chambers

Joanna Horn headshot SVP, Client Services

Joanna Horn

Erin Pietso headshot SVP, Client Services

Erin Peitso

VP, Business Development

Dean Richardson

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Tricia Mackenzie

Meredith Rose headshot VP, Content Services

Meredith Rose