We Merge Insight with Impact

With MERGE, you can tap into a network of 1,300 analytic talents on-demand for strategies to grow your business. We curate unique combinations of strategic specialists capable of enhancing your understanding of your customers, testing ideas, optimizing personalized content and offers and building effective attribution models. We’ll work with you to convert your big data into big business impact.

Insight Strategy

Audience Segmentation

Journey Maps

Archetypes + Personas

Idea Strategy

Experience Strategy

Brand Strategy

Content Planning

Implementation Strategy

Media Mix Modeling

Offer Optimization

Personalization Strategy

Impact Strategy

Attribution Modeling

Performance Reporting + Analytics

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Our Partners & Tools

To get our clients to the next level takes a higher standard of partnerships and tools. Nothing less. We value our relationships with best-in-class services to ensure our clients are in the position to succeed.