Consumer & Commerce

Helping brands grow amid seismic change.

The paradigm shift toward the empowered consumer transcends verticals and extends beyond the shopping cart. At Merge, we embrace the consumerization of the marketplace across all industries, and help our clients realize the potential it represents. Across healthcare, education, electronics and packaged goods, we help brands capitalize on the escalating expectations of consumers and shoppers for personalization, choice, immediacy and simplicity. 


With data as our fuel and multi-touch measurement defining our path, we always seek to drive behavior change where it matters most  the end user. 

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SVP, Account Director, Consumer

Toby Smalley

The linear sales funnel is dead. Successful brands and companies know the path to success is knowing what your customer wants at every touchpoint. Our integrated approach and vast array of tools allow us to help brands emerge and challenge the competition from almost any angle.

Toby Smalley, SVP, Account Director

SVP, Group Account Director

Tracy Brown

Across categories and industries, the most relevant brands – those that truly stand apart from their peers – put the customer experience at the center of everything they do.

Tracy Brown, SVP, Group Account Director

SVP, Group Account Director

Nicole Turner

Brands seeking growth and transformation recognize that the modern path to purchase is driven by an intelligent, informed consumer expecting meaningful engagement along every step in the journey.

Nicole Turner, SVP, Group Account Director

Consumer & Commerce Experience

Our decades of experience have taught us that the best agencies are those who can nimbly respond to shifts in the marketplace. At MERGE, we not only embrace the rapidity of behavioral, attitudinal and technological change that defines customer-first marketing —we’re fueled by it. From B2B to FMCG and everything in between, our agility helps us define what's next for our clients.