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From Static to Strategic: How a New DXP Fueled Baptist Health’s Integrated Marketing Engine

Looking to innovate its marketing website to foster greater internal alignment and fuel organizational growth, Baptist Health executed a defined digital strategy - which included the selection of a new DXP - that transformed their website into an integrated marketing machine.

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In 2008, Baptist Health (formerly Baptist Health South Florida) was a six-hospital system with a siloed and fractured data/digital ecosystem. Many of the issues with this misaligned data/digital ecosystem stemmed from the utilization of a content management system (CMS) that fell short in delivering data integration across various channels that was to Baptist Health’s liking. Specifically, this caused limited alignment of its brand and digital segments, resulting in complex and “unpredictable” workflows that made it challenging to measure ROI. Moreover, Baptist Health was on a path of continued growth, and the current MarTech infrastructure was not scalable for the future.

At a crossroads, Baptist Health partnered with MERGE to not only revisit its digital and technology strategy, but to select a new website platform that would better enable a unified brand experience and increase ROI. Ultimately, Baptist Health’s end goal was to both establish a strong foundation that was properly scaled for growth, and provide consumers with the means for a more personalized approach to their care experience.


In order to first overcome the limitations of their previous CMS, which required massive investments in time and resources to complete basic website management, Baptist Health - with help from MERGE - launched a platform evaluation to select a new DXP. In the end, Sitecore was chosen, as it proved to be tailor-made to not only meet immediate functional needs, but align with Baptist Health’s three-year digital roadmap.

The next step was to implement a website design system and unified toolset that would enable unification across all its centers of excellence (Cancer, Orthopedics, Neurology and Cardiology), each previously with its own design, fragmented from the health system brand. The unified toolset would still showcase the needs of each unique entity - or subsite - while making admin capabilities easier.

With this innovative technology in place, Baptist Health sought to transform from an array of siloed campaigns, to a comprehensive approach and a fully-formed, data-driven marketing strategy. Through an iterative “crawl, walk, run” approach, true business needs were defined, along with the drivers and measures of success for a roadmap leading to a true 1:1 personalization strategy.


Baptist Health successfully transformed its website from one that lacked true data integration to one that employed a comprehensive integrated strategy leveraging Sitecore and its broader MarTech stack. Results include:

- Increased ROI and integration across various marketing tactics and channels, which led to an increase in engagement - and the ability to attribute value of engagement
- Connected disparate platforms that provided data integrity across multiple channels
- A multi-phased, multi-year roadmap that defined larger, strategic goals, guided costs, and documented operational changes necessary to achieve true 1:1 personalization

From CMS to DXP and personalized marketing through technology:

Website replatform and redesign

By conducting a platform evaluation exercise that allowed them to compare systems based on feature availability, cost, and direct demonstration of administrative functionality, Baptist Health was able to not only select a DXP that met their immediate needs, but a platform that aligned with their newly developed three-year roadmap.

Design experience unification

Through the implementation of a new design system and unified toolset on a single instance of their DXP, Baptist Health was able to develop and launch a new digital ecosystem that united all of their sites while still allowing for unique presentation of content based on the needs of the individual users and administrators.

Customer experience re-imagination

Utilizing an iterative “crawl, walk, run” approach to business transformation, Baptist Health was able to carry out an initial system and data discovery process that eventually led to an enterprise-wide roadmap for a true 1:1 personalization strategy. One that focused on true business needs, drivers, and measures of success, while catering to the unique needs of its community and varying audiences.

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"One-to-one personalization in healthcare is new territory for every marketing professional. We needed a partner who could help define our enterprise-wide personalization strategy and effectively lead us through implementation, knowing the ins and outs of our technology stack - and be able to work with multiple stakeholders and other vendors. MERGE is that partner. The marketing nerd in me is really excited about our work together."

Val Lopez, AVP, Digital Marketing & Marketing Technology, Baptist Health