Software Client Improves Sales Lead Conversions by 50%

A personalized sales approach can make all the difference. This software client used a personalized sales process, improving efficiency by 80%.



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Human connection is powerful, especially in sales. The concept is a simple one: people do business with those they know, like, and trust. However, simple isn’t always easy when it comes to execution.

In this use case example, an international software company wasn’t engaging on a personal level with its top client prospects. The cold emails and conference calls they were using weren’t fostering relationships or creating feelings of trust– caveats that can be true difference-makers within a sales cycle.


Combine this with a saturated software market— they knew that their prospects were being bombarded by constant messaging from other sources, putting them at a further disadvantage.

In an effort to differentiate themselves and rise above the noise, they invested in a highly-engaging, highly-customized marketing program that used a combination of email, online, and print marketing elements.


While it appeared like a great step on paper, the reality was immensely draining on resources. Manual processes and siloed technology applications slowed the program down to a crawl, taking 10 man-hours to create just one personalized package. Though the company had seemingly solved the problem of personalization, they had created another in the process: inopportune delivery.


With time-draining manual processes and a lack of efficiency, it wasn’t possible to deliver their messaging in the timeframe needed to make a profound impact on the sales cycle.

Additionally, these workflow flaws carried over into reporting, making the results and ROI difficult, if not impossible, to prove.

While a personalized approach was certainly called for, this original program wasn’t effective in execution. The messaging was now personalized but didn’t make an impact because of the immense workflow flaws and bottlenecks.


Knowing they needed help automating a more advanced, targeted marketing program, they began to look at their options, contacting MERGE for assistance.

MERGE leveraged the tight integration between Marketo and Salesforce and created a technologically-friendly version of the client’s marketing program that allowed the entire process to be seamlessly managed and overseen in Marketo— from prospect entry and native lead tracking, through custom campaign element printing and shipping, and onto final campaign reporting.


With the process fully automated, the client was able to create and deliver impactful messaging in the critical decision-making timeframe with efficiency, and without draining their resources to do so.


As a result of the program automation between Marketo and Salesforce, the client experienced a streamlined 5-step fully automated process vs. the previous 15-step manual process. 


They also experienced an 80% increase in time efficiency and an impressive lead-to-conversion rate of 50%, the company’s most successful marketing campaign to date

Best of all, the new, automated process has effectively influenced millions of dollars in their sales pipeline and positioned them well for future growth.



increase in time efficiency


lead-to-conversion rate