Turning Coverage Into Confidence

How do you turn commoditized coverage into ownable customer confidence?

You focus on the cardmember ...

their peace of mind, their actual life, and how Blue Cross Blue Shield is their partner “through it all”.

Who we work with

We are a partner with the BCBS Association and BCBS companies across the nation.

We then told fun, memorable stories that captured the power and confidence the BCBS card gives to whoever carries it.

Print ads continued the "Through It All" story with relatable scenarios and the BCBS card the ever-present badge of confidence.

With MERGE, I value the small agency feel, but the large agency resources. It’s just a smart agency. They know our industry really well so they make life easier for us. It's a great team, great people and great partners.

Len Kudgis Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Director, Marketing, Sales, Retention & Outreach Government Programs