GE Healthcare

Translating Sound Strategy into Standout Creative

Over the last five years, we’ve partnered with GE Healthcare (GEHC) on many of their most important strategic initiatives. Taking a customer-centric approach, we defined a new model for locking in strategic frameworks that resulted in more meaningful and flexible creative platforms. Rolled out across key service lines and accounts, these creative platforms didn’t just elevate the value of GEHC’s offerings—but, more importantly—elevated the value of their partnership with leading health systems.

They're Driven


Elevating Expectations

Taking creative to a higher level for Heads of Cardiology


To overcome Heads of Cardiology’s skepticism of marketing, we didn’t just tell them that we could operate at their level. We showed them what it looks like to operate at an even higher level. Rolled out across social and digital, this targeted campaign elevated this challenging customers’ perception of GEHC.


Focused Forward

Driving a partnership forward by never looking back


After 25 years of partnership, HCA Healthcare had begun to lose sight of GEHC’s value. So rather than looking back, we reminded HCA of our unwavering commitment to continue driving the partnership’s value forward. The flexible solution defined a new approach to creative platforms, meeting GEHC’s many communications needs with executions that always feel fresh.


Maximizing a Mission

For GEHC and Mercy, the mission is mutual


Mercy leadership lives their ministry and are looking for partners who are about more than just the bottom line. By highlighting GEHC’s shared commitment to supporting Mercy in their mission, our flexible creative platform demonstrated the many ways GEHC was focused on helping Mercy work smarter to gain efficiencies so that every dollar spent was in service of caring for the community.


Pinpointing Personalization

Putting a relationship on the map


No matter how big LifePoint Health gets, they never want to lose sight of the high-quality, personalized care that sets them apart. To demonstrate GEHC’s commitment to keeping LifePoint close to their communities, our creative platform featured overhead photography of the specific locations where they operated to highlight how GEHC was helping LifePoint deliver world-class care to the communities they served.