Eating with the Eyes

We created delicious and delightful branding for Marco's Pizza and Land O'Frost — discover how.

Marcos Hero Image

It’s a fact: we eat with our eyes. Appetite appeal is the cornerstone of food branding.

Marco's Pizza

We started with the authentic Old World Italian heritage brought by founder, Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco.

Storytelling to pizza lovers

We created an entirely new visual identity system that captured the rich Italian heritage and emphasized the delicious, authentic food.

Style Guide Mockups

Getting Creative on Social

Having created a visual feast for the eyes, we then created stories that resonate with Pizza Lovers, and elevated Marco’s above the crowded chain pizza category.

Marco's Facebook page

Tapping TikTok

With just a fraction of the budget of category-dominating brands (such as a certain “game tile”), we had to get creative in more ways than one. So instead of coupon-carpet-bombing, we optimized media to support lower-traffic nights of the week, and turned to channels like TikTok to find our Pizza Lovers.

Marcos Logo

Merge has been a key partner to the acceleration of Marco's to one of the fastest-growing national pizza brands. Their partnership in developing breakthrough creative and strong national media strategy is priceless to our team.

Chris Tussing, CMO, Marco’s Pizza

Getting a Bigger Slice

In a single year Marco’s went from regional player to over 1,000 restaurants nationwide, rose to #5 in the Pizza category (soon to be #4!), increased every brand attribute measured, and is now on pace to pass $1Billion in sales. Marco’s unprecedented success was also rewarded with some notable accolades.

Marco’s delicious story is just beginning and Merge will be there to help get an even bigger slice of the pizza market.

Land O’ Frost

For Land O’ Frost Bistro Favorites we brought premium to the food photography, taking the product out of the pack and onto the plate.

Inspiring Social

Then we brought the plate to the people, with ideas loaded with inspiration and Bistro Favorites. On TikTok… Instagram... Facebook, and more...