Aruba Tourism Authority

Taking Aruba to New Destinations

Creating a Higher-Performing Website by Rethinking, Redesigning, and Re-Platforming a Global Dot-Com.


  • UX Strategy

  • Persona and Journey Mapping

  • Experience Design

  • Creative Marketing Platform Consultation

  • Platform Design and Development


Implement a new CMS and dot-com platform to drive visits and on-island spend while better serving needs of visitors, content creators, and global marketing managers.


Devised a new dot-com to bring the authentic Aruba experience to the site. The experience was made personal with custom itinerary development and user-oriented content delivery based around vacation focus of the individual site visitor.


Launched in April of 2018, the new site has yielded:
+280% session duration
+19% page views per session
+39% mobile traffic
+250% planning/booking tool engagement

We Identified Opportunities via Personas and Journeys

We distilled primary and secondary research findings into clear, jobs, pains and gains-based personas and mapped the journey across the entire dreaming, planning, booking, on-island and return experience for each. Among other insights generated, our work made it clear that personalized content at key touchpoints was a must and the approach to 3rd-party, local partner content integration needed to be rethought.

We Made a Dot-Com Worthy of the Destination

We designed a fully-responsive site that reflected the island itself: beautiful, easy-to-navigate and loaded with incredible things to see. Through immersive video, locally-flavored content and clear paths to booking, we made it easy for travelers to discover and plan their trip to an authentic and welcoming Aruba.

We Made it Personal and Personalized

We built the MyAruba planning tool, an easy way to explore and save places & activities, and create custom itineraries to share with fellow travelers and use on the island. And we tapped our personas and site interactions to surface and suggest activities and content tailored to each visitor’s interests.

We Devised a New Content and Marketing Platform

As part of the new site launch, we re-platformed on a BloomReach CMS. The new platform enables personalized recommendations, multi-lingual content, responsive images and workflows that manage in-market teams spread all over the globe – all designed in a decoupled model that drives the new dot-com and Aruba’s marketing efforts across all digital channels.

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