Altra Running

Meeting Consumer Expectations During Surges in Demand

Through a paid search and shopping automated bid strategy, Altra Running saw huge revenue growth during a time of changing market conditions.

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Due to social distancing and quarantining measures from the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, the running shoe vertical experienced a surge in demand. Our client, Altra Running, needed a strategy that was able to adapt quickly to the changing market conditions. 


Thankfully, MERGE's paid media team had transitioned the account to a comprehensive search and shopping automated bid-strategy in January 2020.

With this approach in place, Altra Running was automatically able to meet the surge in demand during COVID-19 while beating their ROAS goals using SA360 Auction-Time Bidding automation. This led to great revenue growth YoY in search and shopping between March and May.  


The Altra Running SEM program saw a 161% increase in revenue through a strategic automated bid strategy.


Increase in revenue


Increase in ROAs


Increase in CVR