Analytics Consulting Services

Data Analytics is the Backbone of True Insight


But what do you do with all that data?


Data Science creates the opportunity to leverage data and make predictions, to make better strategic decision Our Analysts believe that in order to find the answers in your data, we must obtain and TRUST the right data, ANALYZE the data to provide insights, and TAKE ACTION. We do this not because we are data nerds (though we are) but to ensure our clients meet their goals, improve performance, and support the overall consumer experience.


Our specific analytic services include:


analytics consulting services


Our Analytics services can be grouped into 3 core functions:




Collecting the right data is a critical foundational step. We highly recommend working with a 3rd party Tag Management tool. We have deep expertise with Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Signal, and Ensighten. Our team ensures tags contain the right information in the right format, populate dynamically with the right data, and trigger at the right moment.




Our team of analysts do deep dives to answer critical business questions, analyze product affinities, conduct basket analysis, audience analysis, traffic analysis, usability testing, and much more. We monitor and analyze changes in key performance indicators such as new visitor performance, conversion rates, bounce rates, and a host of other metrics. What’s more? We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner and have expertise with the Adobe Analytics and IBM Digital Analytics.




Our team of analysts continually analyze traffic patterns coming up with recommendations to execute A/B tests to improve website performance. A/B testing does not have to be expensive. Using Google Optimize, a free A/B testing tool, we run 3 A/B tests at any given time. For example, simple changes, like finding the optimal placement for the add-to-cart button, can improve the add-to-cart rate by 65%.