Amazon Marketplaces

Amazon Display

Expand your Display efforts with the Amazon DSP


Look to take your display program to the next level as we target highly-qualified audiences through the Amazon DSP.

We plan and manage campaigns that leverage Amazon’s customer data in order to reach highly qualified and in-market audience segments with display ads across the web. We can gain insights into what shoppers are searching for and buying on Amazon then target them with ads that show them relevant products based upon those searches. Invest in the Amazon DSP to reach targeted audience segments that tell you what those users search for, view and purchase.

How We Do It Better

Holistic Campaign Strategy

MERGE can manage a holistic campaign strategy that shows the power of Amazon audiences from brand awareness all the way down to general retargeting. We make recommendations that are custom built to align with your monthly, quarterly and annual KPIs. We can be as nimble as you need us to be when you have a shift in goals and objectives to align with quickly changing shopper behavior. This will allow us to deliver the right message at the right time to the shoppers that matter to your business.

Data-Driven Optimizations

We also believe in an always-on testing strategy that continuously optimizes the strongest players in the media plan mix. Strategic testing plans are reviewed with each client and so we align with your short-term and long-term goals. We also analyze the performance data across multiple data sources (Amazon, Google Analytics, etc.) to ensure that we truly are optimizing the best performing segments.

Tools for Success

Whether it’s Amazon, eBay or another marketplace, once your listing optimizations are ready to be implemented, we’re there to do the heavy lifting. Our team is well versed in each platform and can make one-off updates or even bulk uploads for large scale changes.

The Impact We Make

Our team of experts not only creates, manages and implements holistic campaign strategies, but can reach and inform new audiences for your brand through the Amazon DSP. Amazon and other marketplaces are here to stay, so let’s leverage Amazon customer data so your display ads make an impact.