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SEO Optimization Strategies From BrightEdge

Implementing BrightEdge's SEO optimization strategies can grow your SEO and SEM programs practically overnight.

BY: Dylan Day Digital Media Strategist

PUBLISHED: 7/1/2021

BrightEdge is the industry’s first and only SEO solution that gives marketers real-time research, recommendations, and rankings all in a unified platform. And our partners at BrightEdge recently released thought leadership we felt was beneficial to highlight.

SEO vs SEM: Combining the Two to Maximize SERP Real Estate

In a recent post, BrightEdge discusses the benefits of using SEO and SEM together. SEM is a paid strategy that results in an immediate impact to your site and SEO is the organic strategy that takes longer to gain traction. Yet it is believed that SEO has a larger impact on users because the first organic listing receives a much higher CTR.

That being said, using the two channels in conjunction with each other yields impactful results. To accomplish this, you’ll want to begin extensive keyword research using products like BrightEdge’s Data Cube and BrightEdge Instant.

Ideally, this combination would result in your paid ad serving in the top paid placement with your organic listing showing in the top organic spot. Add in some ad extensions and you could very well dominate nearly the entire page above the fold. Read the full article here.

Track YouTube Trends to Create High Quality Content

In another BrightEdge post, the author discusses how to leverage YouTube Search trends to create high quality content. Using search trends is, of course, something marketers do frequently, but they tend to think of this in terms of Google, Bing, and other traditional search engines. However, YouTube’s online video platform receives the most traffic and has become one of the world’s largest search engines.

Using this platform can create better video content and optimize existing video content through tweaks to the metadata. Keep in mind that things like video title and the copy of your video’s description affect how well you show up in the search results. The example provided is that a “sweater knitting” video, while it may be great, could get buried in places like the UK where the preferred term is “jumper.”

Additionally, increasing your understanding of YouTube search trends informs your overall content strategy. It’s important to remember that trend seasonality and the YouTube algorithm affects placement. In order to leverage YouTube search data, you can utilize both Google Trends for high-level trend data and BrightEdge’s SEO platform and BrightEdge Instant for more detailed data—both real-time and historical. Learn more here.

Check out BrightEdge for more information on the above topics, as well as their broader capabilities. Drop us a line if you’re interested in learning how our partnership can be valuable for your SEM and SEO efforts.