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Essentials to Drive Marketing Performance in 2024

MERGE’s new video series offers help to healthcare marketing teams as they take the next steps to improving marketing performance and executing intelligent solutions heading into 2024

BY: Kellie Bliss | EVP Client Service, Health & Wellness Practice Leader

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2023

With decades of combined experience in healthcare marketing, the experts at MERGE not only understand the unique challenges that healthcare organizations face everyday, but can anticipate market forces that will create new opportunities in the future.

Our latest video series is designed to provide organizations with invaluable insights and tips to elevate your marketing performance and tackle your most urgent challenges head-on. Take a look below to see for yourself!


Kellie Bliss, EVP, Health and Wellness on ways to improve performance of your marketing organization, jumpstart growth, and catalyze change.



Renee Crawford, SVP, Media on key factors organizations need to keep top of mind when media planning for 2024



Niki Stone, VP, Strategy on how brands can leverage first-party data to enhance and personalize experiences for their target audiences



Kellie Bliss, EVP, Health and Wellness on knowing your customer and why segmentation should be part of your plans for 2024


Whether you're an organization looking to enhance your marketing integration, improve the patient experience, or seeking profound expertise to achieve your goals, members of MERGE’s Providers team stand by, ready to help you accelerate growth in 2024.


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