SCORE Architecture

Based on proven best practices in over 2,000 Marketo instances, our ready-to-use, best practice Marketo framework featuring pre-built, pre-tested marketing operations programs.

Proven, Pre-Built Marketo Frameworks

Lead with confidence, knowing you have a solid Marketo foundation and a fast-track for success. SCORE helps you ensure your instance is:

Scalable: Designed for the needs of the future, not just today. Make it easy to modify programs, add product lines, and increase data flows.

Cohesive: All program parts work together as a whole and a comprehensive logic is apparent throughout. Intelligent retries and safety nets enable problems to fix themselves.

Organized: Every aspect— from naming conventions to descriptions to tokenization— considers user convenience and the need for speed.

Reliable: Your Marketo instance is designed for performance, even with heavy loads and changing conditions. No more email misfires, missing sales alerts, or sync errors.

Efficient: Stop reinventing the wheel; ready-to-use, pre-tested programs are customized for your specific needs, maximizing your resources while accelerating your impact.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your marketing campaigns with best practices Marketo analytics. Programs include:

Lead Source Tracking: Track first, conversion, and most recent touchpoints, capture explicit and implicit source data, and assign a lead source. Gonnect lead acquisition efforts to bottom-line results to make data-driven decisions.

Multi-Touch Attribution: Identify your program strategy, track online and offline channels, sub-channels, and offers. Gain a better understanding of which marketing activities are influencing your pipeline and revenue.


Demand Generation

Capture interest, engage prospects, and accelerate your sales pipeline. Programs include:

Contact Form Program: Track web form submissions, send an auto-responder, plus alert your sales/marketing team of the activity, for seamless and timely follow-up.

Email and Landing Page Templates: Web-compliant, with responsive design for mobile and desktop viewing and browser compatibility, and easy to deploy and use.

Email Blast Program: Fully tokenized with smart campaigns to track status.

Gated Content Program: A program template for tracking gated content downloads and sending auto-responders.

Lead Nurturing: We help you build a Marketo engagement program with three streams (early, mid, and late-stage prospects). 

Live Event Program: We work with you to implement a fully tokenized program for hosted events such as roadshows, dinners, receptions, including smart campaigns for reminder emails and tracking attendee status. 

Tradeshow Program: Create a structured process for uploading tradeshow data, so you can easily identify hot prospects who visited your booth.

Webinar Program: We help you  build a fully tokenized best-practice template for executing webinars. Includes smart campaigns to send invites, reminders, and follow-up emails.

Lead Management

Qualify prospects for a successful handoff to sales. Programs include:

Lead Lifecycle: 
Map the prospect lifecycle for marketing and sales, sync to your CRM, create sales alerts, and generate meaningful reports. Gain critical insights in your sales pipeline. 

Lead Scoring: We help you determine scoring values and a scoring matrix, implement a tokenized program to track demographics, behaviors, and assign scores, so only qualified leads are sent to sales. 

Subscription Center: We help configure your subscription center landing page, allowing visitors to select communication types and updating subscription preferences in Marketo accordingly. 

Data & Systems

Build a solid Marketo infrastructure and integrate Marketo with your CRM.

Data Quality: MERGE will normalize data values, help you segment by a standardized job role, create a bounce directory, and automate marketable records segmentation. This process improves the health of your database and allows you to accurately target your audience.

Website and Email Integration: We prepare the documents to update your DNS records, assist with email and landing page configuration, and provide Munchkin code guidance so you know your leads are captured and tracked accurately.

Marketo Admin Set-up and Organization: We help you configure admin and security settings, implement a folder structure based on Marketo best practices, and provide custom and pre-tested documentation and training.

Marketo Training – Best Practices: MERGE will provide your users with an accelerated path to Marketo mastery with a focused two-day course designed to provide the most essential knowledge and promote learning through hands-on experience. This training will give your users a clear understanding of the Marketo platform and equip them to perform standard marketing activities while following best practices.