We’re dreamers
and realists.
Listeners and doers.

And we all have an unquenchable curiosity to discover new ways to solve tough business challenges through creative, technology-based solutions.

Riley Sheehan

Founder & CEO
Riley’s 15 years of development and management experience and his undeniable ingenuity allow him to confidently understand client objectives and easily establish strong client relationships in order to generate and deliver inspiring interactive marketing solutions.

Lauren Sheehan

Founder & CCO
Lauren ensures all creative work is on-target and aligned with the marketing strategies of our clients. She looks at the big picture and the small, and devises solid brand strategies that seamlessly integrate print and web.

Chris Tussing

President & Lead Brand Strategist
Chris brings 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing and advertising along with crazy amounts of passion and enthusiasm for building brands.

Jeremy Bokor

Executive Producer
Fluent in both design and dev, Jeremy is a master juggler of projects and famous for getting things done. Before joining Merge Jeremy led his own firm, so he knows all too well what it means to wear more than one hat.

Erich Arendall

Lead Architect & Lead DBA
Extensive expertise in technical architecture and development, focusing on turning business needs into functional logic within scalable systems. Social API guru. Still finds time to DJ and produce web comics.

Rob Ator

ACD, Print/Packaging Lead
Leads creative team. Brings a high level of strategic planning, management, design and direction to every project. Interprets client goals into visual experiences. Inspires staff to achieve exceptional results.

Jenn Goodman

Freakishly in tune with what’s happening in design in both the print and digital worlds, and paves the way for new standards of best practices in usability. Jenn’s a fashionista who’s got an eye for design everywhere she goes.

This That

Emergent technologies and media are connecting people, cultures and ideas in unprecedented and unexpected ways. Here are some examples we find interesting:


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Merge was founded in a time when front-end design lacked back-end feasibility and back-end development was often without a user-friendly interface. By merging these two areas, we were able to provide our clients with more relevant and better working digital solutions.

Today, with our finger on the pulse of an ever-changing world, we don’t simply react—we proactively evolve with it. This enables us to discover the connections that lead to solutions our clients would never have imagined.

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