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AIG was facing a declining public perception among the American people. As one of the companies most closely associated with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, they were seen as a greedy financial services organization that was out of touch with Main street. People had quickly forgotten who AIG was known to be, a trustworthy insurance company that helps millions of Americans every day. 


With a “bigheaded” image to overcome, we needed to communicate in a honest, sincere and most importantly, humble way.

We led with the message that AIG fulfilled its promise to repay American taxpayers, plus a profit. That message was always followed up with a very important, “thank you” to America for helping us rebuild. We utilized real employees to give AIG a face people can relate to. By tapping into the American spirit of overcoming immense challenges, we hoped IAG would regain the support of the American people.

The multichannel integrated contact plan was designed to achieve mass reach and message exposure quickly. We leveraged event programming such as the NFL playoffs, news, primetime TV, roadblocks on YouTube, NYT, WSJ, and other high impact opportunities.



Increase in consideration


of those who saw the campaign became more favorable of the brand

153.7 MM

YouTube channel video views

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