Creative & Communications

We create reactions that create actions.

To build a brand, you need to build a story. To get results, that story needs to move people. Sometimes we tell that story through incredible design or inspiring words. Other times it’s through a PR event, or maybe even a six-second video on social. Whatever form our creative takes on—however we communicate that brand story—the most important thing we create is results.

Content Planning

You’ve heard content is king. Not quite. Effective and purposeful content is king. Our goal is to create strategic content that works. We make the best content possible. And our seamless integration with media ensures that it’s backed by focused targeting, analytics, and no ad waste. To deliver successful solutions, we must look at the user holistically. We must understand every engagement—what the user is doing, thinking, saying and feeling—to truly solve the user’s wants and needs.

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Strong ideas not only work hard, they work everywhere. We’ve created, produced, and edited memorable brand campaigns across multiple categories and industries. Depending on your brand’s needs and budget, we’re able to develop omnichannel campaigns or single medium campaigns. Either way, it will be well thought out.

Content Factory

Moving at the speed of social. MERGE is creating new short-form and long-form content, building and managing communities, and growing our clients’ businesses every day. And we’re doing it with our very own in-house capabilities. Here, our film and photography studio and editing suite allow us the flexibility to be responsive with current trends, and reactionary for management of our clients' business.

Performance Marketing

Create measurable, personalized engagement to attract new customers and build loyalty—with a test and learn framework, maximizing ROI.

CRMarketing and Transactional Planning & Strategy with Scalable Personalization

Lead Gen, Acquisition, Activation

Loyalty, Retention

Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Drive Traffic, Product Launch

Data Processing, Mining, Strategy, Analysis, Profiling, Segmentation, Predictive/Risk Modeling, LTV

Campaign, Creative Asset and Content Creation, Through Production

Impact Assessments and Forecasting, Including Advanced Tracking & Analytics with Optimizations

List Strategy, Source and Manage

Owned, Paid, and Earned Channel Strategy & Manage, from Channel-Specific to Fully Integrated Multi-Channel


To get to a messaging framework and media relations campaign that fundamentally differentiates you from the competition, you must plan properly in the communications strategy phase. We have the process and partners to keep current customers engaged while welcoming new ones along the way. We all have stories. That’s because we’re all human. So when we’re able to connect brands on the human level that spark reactions, the impact is impressive.

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