Content Management Systems

CMS/DXP is the foundation of a strong MarTech strategy that integrates both function capabilities and user experience. From trusted client advisors to cross-disciple technologists, MERGE has deep roots in CMS development and implementation strategies.

We specialize in harnessing any web content management system’s power and capabilities while ensuring that your website and administrative user experiences are flexible and easy to use. With more than 20 years of building award-winning websites, MERGE can break down every capability across CMS platforms to drive meaningful engagement and experiences, scale to your digital and business strategy needs, and handle change with ease.


To deliver digital experience platform (DXP) excellence, we offer a full suite of tools to power your platform:

Find a Doctor

Dynamic FAD tool integration should be a strategic solution for patient acquisition to improve provider visibility, streamline access and drive patient retention.

Integrates seamlessly with a variety of content management systems for a branded, first-party user experience

Built to utilize a variety of credentialing system and data warehouses to ensure that data is accurate and updated automatically

Provides the ability to create unique views and related data feeds based on location, specialty or through a custom taxonomy

Optimized for search through SEO and structured data ( best practices

Classes & Events

Manage your calendar of events with an easy-to-use interface.

Generate recurring classes (like support groups or childbirth classes) with integrated maps, directions and payment information with one easy step

Versatile billing solutions for easy payment online or in-person, depending on your capabilities

Manage multiple service line focused calendars throughout the site in one central location

Display Classes & Events based on service line strategy to give users access to classes relevant to their needs


Maximize convenient patient access through more efficient and effective discovery of care locations.

Ability to provide multiple views for both list and map-based searches, in a single tool

Integrate with the Google API to provide keyword, proximity and area-based searches

Dynamically display location information throughout your website to ensure relevant locations are displayed within site content

Optimized for search through SEO and structured data ( best practices

HIPAA Compliant Form Builder

Create and display custom forms throughout your site using our simple and highly secure Form Builder solution.

Create printable, easy-to-read reports directly from Form Builder without the hassle of managing an external analytics account

Designate secure and HIPAA friendly forms that protect your patients’ HPI

Collect data using the full power of a consumer-facing content page

Customizable features that adapt to the user’s technical abilities

CMS Platform Partners

To get our clients to the next level takes a higher standard of partnerships and tools. Nothing less. We value our relationships with best-in-class services to ensure our clients are in the position to succeed.

Brands today need more than a web presence. They need a flexible, powerful content management system (CMS) that can drive engagement, manage traffic, load quickly, scale to business needs and handle change with ease.

Tim Voyles, Director of Internet Applications