Travel & Transport

Vehicle OEMs, hotel and hospitality brands and travel destination marketers have increasingly overlapping goals and needs. They all must win on experience, compete on value and efficiently explore new revenue streams and models. Our deep experience across transport and travel verticals positions us to bring unique value to each and all.

Destinations & Hotels

For execs in the destination marketing and hospitality verticals, emerging tools and technologies are opening up new ways to engage and serve travelers every day. But it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees. So, when considering where to invest and what to address next, it can be clarifying to remain focused on three primary, quantifiable objectives:

Minimizing Friction

Being easier to do business with is a competitive advantage. It’s possible to identify where travelers are getting stuck or becoming dissatisfied via ongoing traveler interviews, ethnographic studies, journey mapping and journey analytics analysis. And complementing ongoing, broad-based evaluations with good old “stopwatch studies” can illuminate how efficiently (and happily) travelers can complete key tasks.

Maximizing On-Premise/at Destination Spend

Highly-personalized interest and lifestyle-based relationship marketing are key. Before, during and even after the trip, it’s critical to connect people in welcome ways to the specific activities, places and partners that will get them to spend, and showcase positive experiences with others. Defining, implementing and/or optimizing a DMP, state-of-the-art recommendation engine and mobile/location-based strategies are foundational steps towards this goal.

Maximizing Lifetime Value

Two words make all the difference: Surprise and delight. By focusing research and journey analytics on high-value travelers, it’s possible to identify the specific moments where it makes ROI sense to exceed expectations and prove brand values in ways that enhance loyalty and spend over time. And of course, once key journey moments are identified, surprise and delight tactics can be quickly prototyped, tested and trialed.

If these objectives resonate and you’d like to explore how we might work together to achieve them, drop us a line.

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