Patient Retention

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Improve Patient Retention and Reduce Attrition

Ensuring your established patients have consistently positive experiences is often times easier than gaining new patients - and building new relationships. But we all know that every encounter can affect these sometimes fragile relationships - with established, new and referred patients. Knowing the right strategies to boost patient retention is foundational to what we do at MERGE - keeping your healthcare organization progressing in the right direction for continuous growth.

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Positive Touchpoints Define Patient Retention

Providers have to continuously earn and retain each patient's business - not only with personal interactions but also through 24/7 access to your digital front door. Every touchpoint is an opportunity for success or failure. With decades of experience in the healthcare landscape, we know how to keep interactions impactful - and turn negatives to positives. Always using a consumer-focused approach, MERGE has the healthcare expertise to navigate the pitfalls and opportunities to increase your patient retention.

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